The office space in the BASTION building is exceptional

The latest technologies provide quality and healthy working environment:
  • Above standard air exchange

Did you know that: One person breathes air in a room 5x4 meters in two to three hours, ten in a quarter of an hour. Breathing air causes concentration, drowsiness, fatigue.

We measure the amount of CO2 in our building , humidity and air temperature by zone (offices, meeting rooms, etc.). We supply fresh air to the individual rooms in such quantity, to comfortably cover the need for oxygen in order not to increase the CO2 concentration and optimal humidity in the rooms.

  • Humidification

Did you know that: In order to achieve ideal humidity, an outdoor temperature of - 6 ° C will require a room of 50 m2, where the temperature of 21 ° C is to supply approx. 8 L of water.

The technologies used in our building are able to maintain, respectively. get it out of the exhaust air and put it back into the building. Moreover, if moisture recovery is not enough and the relative humidity is lower than required, powerful steam generators. The ventilation system can moisten the air as required, but also reduce humidity to an optimum value.

  • Filtration, ionization

Did you know that: In Košice we breathe the most polluted air among all the major cities in Slovakia. The air in the city center is 5 times more polluted than in Zvolen. One inhale of “clean” air in Košice will inhale also 3.5 million fine dust particles.

The air supplied to the interior of the BASTION building will be cleaned of impurities 24 hours a day by efficient filtration, so-called. plasma effect - using ionizers. Filters on air handling units will be changed twice as often as in conventional office buildings.

  • Radiant large-area heating and cooling

Did you know that: Modern buildings can also be cooled other than by blowing cool air into the room, as conventional air conditioning does.

We chose a modern way of heating and cooling by the PYD ®/ radiant system , which creates a favorable climate and thermal comfort without drafts in summer and winter, does not act aggressively, does not cause health complications such as irritation of skin, eyes, mucous membranes, fatigue or allergic reactions.

  • Lighting

Did you know that: The right light intensity will cause energy influx, better concentration, stress resistance and mood enhancement.

In the BASTION building we light up with energy-saving LED lights. Intelligent lighting control allows you to achieve the optimum level of lighting in the interior - office, according to the intensity of daylight outside (if daylight intensity decreases, the light intensity aically increases and vice versa).

We are pleased with your interest in the premises in the BASTION building, our aim is your satisfaction.