SBS costs of ensuring the operation of the security service (12 hours a day in the night time and day time)
RAINFALL WATER cost of drainage of rainfall to the public sewerage network
WATER AND SEWER CHARGES water consumption related to the operation and management of the building: water consumed for the cleaning of common areas, in shared toilets, for fire purposes, for watering of flowers and for other purposes related to the operation of common parts of the building
TRANSPORTATION OF MUNICIPAL WASTE cost of transporting municipal waste
ECONOMIC ADMINISTRATION, ACCOUNTING, CONSULTANCY operating costs of the building provided by the renter, respectively. its employees or other natural or legal persons, which include:
- providing activities related to the administrative, organizational and economic security and operation of the building
- accounting, auditing and internal control
- legal and other counseling services
INSURANCE costs of insurance premium for the building
TAXES AND LEGAL FEES property tax and other statutory charges related to the building
CLEANING OF COMMON AREAS costs for providing services associated with cleaning of common areas (personal or overheads)