Why is BASTION CENTER a green building?

Green administrative buildings

are more energy-efficient, healthier and more environmentally friendly than standard buildings and, in addition to the advantages for tenants, they are characterized by higher consideration for the environment. Already during construction, they use environmentally friendly materials and modern technologies.

A very important aspect of green buildings is not only the energy and cost saving, but also the quality of working environment. Optimal microclimates indoors, plenty of natural light and fresh air are features that create a pleasant environment for employees.

Both the community of experts and the real estate market categorize buildings as "green" if their properties are certified by certification systems. Among the best-known, most popular and most recognized certificates is American LEED certificate.


This world-wide way of rating buildings in the areas of sustainability, energy consumption, air quality, environmental pollution, water management, materials and resources used, quality of indoor environment, innovative approaches, regional priorities, etc. is slowly becoming popular on Slovak market.

The BASTION OFFICE CENTER took a place among the green buildings and it fulfilled its ambition to become the second building in Košice with LEED GOLD certification. In Slovakia, its still a part of relatively small number of projects that have received this internationally recognized certificate.

We are looking forward to see in Košice another building that is respectful to the people working there and friendly to the environment.


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